The Food Byte: Black Forest Cupcakes

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This was my first attempt to make Black Forest Cupcakes and it was a success! Of course, there were those moments where I walked impatiently in the kitchen looking into the microwave while it was still on to see if the concoction of flour, eggs, cherries, melted chocolate etc was rising up in each cupcake cover.
 I used Betty Crocker's ready made cake mix (chocolate) and baked the cupcakes as per the instructions. The only thing that I did different was the additional of a cherry in each cupcake prior to baking.  I used the soaked cherries in a tin for this rather than fresh ones because the former taste different and are usually used in black forest cakes.

The cakes, surprisingly turned out to be soft and fluffy. Not to boast, but they literally melted in the mouth. Not sure if cupcakes are supposed to be that way, but who cares!

I didn't go with the conventional icing and instead changed it to a very light version of cherry icing (mix with the whipped cream a little bit of the liquid you get from the soaked cherries). So there you have it, mission accomplished.

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