Stationery Love

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love fancy stationery. A lame notepad looks so much better and funkier when it's got a gold cover or blobs of colorful ink on it. Or when a pen has Louis Vuitton inscriptions on it.

I happened to stumble upon an interesting stationery store called Prints at Mirdiff City Centre. Apart from having notepads, albums, notebooks, telephone diaries all in different colors, they also had a few things that stood out of the ordinary like the bookmarks I purchased.

Aren't we all used to narrow long strips of hard paper called bookmarks? The ones I got can in different shapes! I bought 2 teddy bears, one snowflake and the other a glittered violet heart (yea, I know I sound like a teen). I also bought a pen that was twisted and had butterflies on it. Never leave me alone in a stationery store.

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