Shoe Sundays: Muted Metallic Gold

Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is the first series of shoe madness and you will see one every Sunday or whenever I see good looking shoes. I love shoes, in fact I bought so many this year (about 9 in total and some are still in their original packaging) I have taken it on myself not to buy any more shoes or flats or heels until Jan next year. Oh, I spotted an amazing pair of leopard print Tory Burch flats...

So, today's post features my friend, Nagham and her purchase from River Island. She wore these pretty cool pair of flats that had a metallic gold shine on them- it's not too much or too less of shine, it's about enough to make a pair of flats look gorgeous. And on the plus side, these flats can very much make your entire outfit look fab!

Available at River Island

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