Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips: Leopard Print

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I bought a few Sally Hansen Nail Strips since sitting in the salon and getting nails minxed demands time (atleast 45mins) and I don't have a lot of that element in my life right now (or will ever). The first polish strip design I applied to my nails was the leopard because I'm such a huge fan of that print. The application was pretty easy- there are instructions on the back of the box. You just take the strip and measure it against the size of your nail, cut off the extra, peel of the sticky part and press against your nail. With the Minx, it's a little different since you have to heat the stickers against a light bulb or hair dryer in order for them to stick on your nails. So once the Sally Hansen strips were on my nails, I used a clear top coat just to add the extra shine. But you do not need to do this as the strips already have the glaze to them. And that's it!

You don't have to sit and dry your nails- once you stick them on, you're done. The best part is the nails look awesome. I got quite a few a compliments including 2 from males (both of whom are straight btw), one of them commented, "Those are some fierce nails you got there". When it comes to durability, such stickers or minx nails can last only up to 2-4 days but mine lasted for well over a week- no chipping!

I had no complaints until I got to the part where I wanted to remove the stickers off my nails. When it comes to the minx, you just hold your nails against a heated appliance (like a hair dryer) and then peel them off without any problems. For the Sally Hansen strips, the instructions read "Apply nailpolish remover to take it off". So I did just that. Nothing happened except for a little bit of dullness that appeared on the strips because the alcohol/acetone took off the glitter/glaze. So I tried a second nailpolish remover and the same thing but the strips remained on my nails. Then I literally had to scrap off the design!!! It was a pain to remove these stickers and that's the only downside of this product. I will use the other designs since there are some good ones (there's one with gold and glitter!) but will research on how people take the stickers off as opposed to using nailpolish remover.
Other than that, the strips/ designs are great and you can get fierce to glamorous nails in the luxury of your home.

I know a few people who have trouble in stores finding this- I got mine from Carrefour (retails at AED60). Boots Pharmacy also stocks this. It is also available now at Iconic and Virgin Megastore.
Lana Omar said...

Where did you buy this from?

Neel the DarkRanger said...

You can check either Carrefour or Boots pharmacy for this.

Maitha Ansari said...

i have this =)

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