The Ordinary: A Brand I'm Really Excited To Try And Here's Why

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Like every other girl, I'm inundated with beauty products everyday- be it in magazines, launches, in-store, word of mouth, editorial reviews and the likes. And being a beauty blogger has its perks. We get delivered products every now and then (provided it fits our blog portfolio). I've managed to discover a handful of products that I have purchased and re-purchased because they deliver on what they claim.

Having said that, there's one brand that actually caught my attention and made me want to buy it after reading the first 3 reviews. I did go on to read several other reviews on the brand's website and watch videos on YouTube. The more I read, the more I was convinced this would become a firm favorite once I placed my order. Then I read an interview with the person who created the brand, Brandon Truaxe. He talked about why we end up paying so much for skincare products (when we really shouldn't), highlighted the key ingredients in several of his products and the price point, among other things. That interview sealed the deal for me. 

 The Ordinary originates from Canada (parent company is Deciem) and by the end of this post, you will realize it's nothing close to ordinary. 

Marlay Creme Raparatrice: An Ultra Hydrating Hand & Foot Cream

Monday, June 19, 2017

It's quite common for women to pay attention to the face when it comes to skincare and ignore the areas where the signs of ageing show up quickly- the neck and hands. We also tend to ignore taking care of the feet unless we have an appointment at the nail salon. 

The weather tends to play havoc on our skin and there's no getting around dry/chapped skin, especially in the summer season unless you take time to pamper it. And by pampering, I don't necessarily refer to the spa. Super moisturizing ingredients are key when it comes to dry skin and with several brands narrowing down their main ingredients to shea butter and the likes, pampering the skin takes a few seconds. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again- I genuinely love beauty products from France. Having used (I still do) several luxury Parisienne beauty/skincare products, I can vouch for their effectiveness. It's not only the luxe brands that do the job well but also others, namely this new brand I discovered- Marlay Cosmetics. 

Parisienne Beauty With Arcancil

Friday, June 16, 2017

When I paid a visit to Paris, France sometime ago, I noticed the Parisienne girls had barely any makeup on during the day. They walked about with their flawless porcelain skin whilst holding what looked like spring water sealed in a bottle. Their hair was something Rapunzel would be proud of; it wasn't voluminous or long but short and well maintained.

The girls there know how to take care of their skin and don't really have complex routines when it comes to beauty. Whilst browsing a well known skincare brand, I spoke to one of the attendants and the conversation careened into beauty routine; she told me that glam for the French girls meant a bit of mascara, perhaps "some color on the cheeks and lips". 

France is a country that is credible when it comes to the beauty industry. The French churn out innovations in beauty that pretty much make most girls (including myself) want to buy it in an instant. I started using a Parisienne skincare brand a couple of years ago and have never looked back. The products are A+, deliver on everything they claim and while the price is on the higher end, it is worth every penny. Even the brand's beauty segment is beyond brilliant. From there on, I tried a handful of other Parisienne brands and loved them. There's not one that has failed me. Hence, I blindly trust skin and beauty care from France. 

So when another Parisienne brand popped on the my desk, I was excited to try them. 

Summer Skin and Hair Ready With Palmer's

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Some people are night owls and others are early birds. Some bask in the glory of the summer's glistening sun while others wait patiently for the breeze of the winter season. I'm the latter and I really can't stand the harsh, unforgiving heat that the summer season brings to the country. I speak for more than a handful when I say the season is unbearable. Hey, if you keep a tube of sunscreen or forgot a chocolate bar in your parked car for about 15mins, you can kiss both of them goodbye.

It's not just lotions or the food the heat plays havoc on. It's skin and hair too. Girls will relate to this when I say, Hello Summer, Hello Frizz. Or hair takes the brunt of the heat and no matter how gorgeous blow dried hair looks once you step out of the salon, a short walk to the parking lot is frizz guaranteed. Let's talk about how nutritionists/doctors advise us to drink more water in the season. I still end up with patches of dry skin (it aggravates in the winter, but I'm cool with that season).

So, when Palmer's sent across a summer ready kit I was quite intrigued by one particular product.

The Food Byte: Iftar At Barbecue Delights, Downtown Dubai

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Among other things, Ramadan in the city is reflective of massive air-conditioned tents hosting lavish food spreads. It's also a month where people genuinely begin to understand the significance of the month and why we fast. It also gives us an opportunity to sit down and break bread with them. And most of it happens in those air-conditioned tents, some of which are the size of ballrooms.

While majority of the hotels host tents, it's easy to miss out on certain venues that have a different cuisine. There are some restaurants that welcome guests to special Iftar (and Suhoor) menus that check off all the right boxes. One such restaurant is Barbecue Delights located in Downtown Dubai. This place never fails to impress when it comes to food or service. The restaurant specializes in Pakistani, Indian and Afghani cuisine and is a food lovers delight.

For Ramadan, they launched their special buffet menu featuring a host of appetizers, main courses and desserts.

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