The Food Byte: An Emirati Iftar at Seven Sands, Dubai

Friday, May 11, 2018

Ramadan is the only month where I get to savor a multitude of cuisines almost everyday- either through invites or when you accompany your family to one of the restaurants/ their friend's home. Having said that, I appreciate iftars that are quite traditional in nature. You are transported back in time to experience what food was like back then.

Tucked away on The Beach, JBR is Seven Sands, a restaurant that serves the taste of the UAE. Specializing in Emirati cuisine, the food is a reflection of recipes that have stood the test of time. Having been born in the country, I really never had the chance to savor real Emirati cuisine until I visited Seven Sands last year with a friend. I loved the food and when I paid them a visit this year for iftar, I realized that not only did their Ramadan menu impress me once again, but also their hospitality.

The Food Byte: Iftar at Ewaan, Palace Downtown, Dubai

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

If you're looking to experience royal Arabic hospitality and cuisine this Ramadan, make a beeline for iftar at Ewaan, located at Palace Downtown.

Not only does the venue ooze a luxurious appeal, but it speaks volumes of Ewaan's iftar menu that will certainly leave you spoilt for choice. Featuring an array of Arabic food, the lavish buffet also features international cuisine.

The Food Byte: Brunch At Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown Dubai

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Of late, I've come to appreciate brunches in Dubai. I despise having to wake up before the afternoons on my day off (especially when its the weekend, because let's face it- on weekdays, we are all up when the sun is rising). But brunches have a special place in my heart.

I'm grateful that there are some quality brunches in Dubai along with impeccable service and zero parking hassles. One such brunch that comes to mind is the one I went to on a Friday afternoon at the Boulevard Kitchen.

The Food Byte: Seattle's Best Coffee New Menu

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Seattle's Best Coffee is one of those places I'd frequent right before a client meeting. Usually, I'd get to the venue ahead of time and make a beeline for the cafe. The venue would always have a distinct aroma wafting through the air- the unmistakable trademark whiff of freshly baked cinnabons. I would resist buying those warm, melt-in-your-mouth gooey desserts because they are to be enjoyed not during a client meeting, but while watching the full season of Stranger Things 2 on Netflix (what a show, eh?).

So, when the cafe invited me to review their new menu, I had flashbacks of client meetings, sipping on warm Chai Latte and of course, cinnabons!

As I walked into the cafe in the evening, I was greeted by the familiar sweetness of cinnabons. Their new menu definitely intends to keep people at the venue longer than just for coffee/tea.

#TRESMakeover: A Beauty & Style Session With TRESemme

Friday, October 13, 2017

I quite love sessions with the beauty and haircare industry thought leaders. You know you are going to walk out of that session empowered with tricks of the trade and secrets that make you go, "Why didn't I think of that?".

It's always enlightening to listen to experts converse about how a particular trend initiated on the global runways, would work in the region or how you could emulate Victoria Beckham's gorgeous choppier bob and still look glam despite not having her cheekbones. Haircare expert, TRESemme launched the #TRESMakeover campaign, showcased some beautiful hairstyles that can be easily replicated for occasions and invited me to be part of a session to witness a live makeover. Hairstylist Georges El Mendelek, fashion designer Alanoud Badr and makeup artist Sarah Al Wadaani dished out some interesting tricks and trends.

Have you ever used a hair mask and witnessed that it weighs down your hair? How about trying to put on false eyelashes? I have to raise my hand because I can't put on falsies. I just can't, no matter how much I try. Kudos to the girls who actually apply it in seconds!

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