#TRESMakeover: A Beauty & Style Session With TRESemme

Friday, October 13, 2017

I quite love sessions with the beauty and haircare industry thought leaders. You know you are going to walk out of that session empowered with tricks of the trade and secrets that make you go, "Why didn't I think of that?".

It's always enlightening to listen to experts converse about how a particular trend initiated on the global runways, would work in the region or how you could emulate Victoria Beckham's gorgeous choppier bob and still look glam despite not having her cheekbones. Haircare expert, TRESemme launched the #TRESMakeover campaign, showcased some beautiful hairstyles that can be easily replicated for occasions and invited me to be part of a session to witness a live makeover. Hairstylist Georges El Mendelek, fashion designer Alanoud Badr and makeup artist Sarah Al Wadaani dished out some interesting tricks and trends.

Have you ever used a hair mask and witnessed that it weighs down your hair? How about trying to put on false eyelashes? I have to raise my hand because I can't put on falsies. I just can't, no matter how much I try. Kudos to the girls who actually apply it in seconds!

The Key To Beautiful Skin With Bioderma

Monday, October 9, 2017

I'm so grateful to the Bioderma team who developed the famed Sensibio H2O. They've made makeup removal a breeze. It's also one of my travel essentials and I always have a bottle sitting on my makeup table. The French brand plays host to several skincare gems and every product I used/use delivers what it claims. From cleansers to sunscreens and everything in between, Bioderma never disappoints.

It's one of the few French brands I blindly trust, truly love and one that impresses me time and time again. Bioderma took the brilliant initiative to set up a Skin Academy and impart all the secrets to beautiful skin. It almost sounds like a secret society made for beauty enthusiasts! At the Academy, we were made aware of how our skin is affected by extreme temperatures, exposure to the harsh sun and tricks of the trade when it comes to maintaining beautiful, supple skin.

Centrepoint Launches Its Autumn/Winter'17 Collection

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Winter is my favorite season. While in this region, we don't have months and months of this wonderful season, the moment it arrives we tend to bust out the beautiful winter wardrobe (for me, it's my trusty leather jacket and a couple of other things).

And since winter will dawn upon us any week now, Centrepoint is all prepped when they launched their Autumn/Winter'17 collection in Dubai, UAE.

Catering to men, women and kids, the collection features some of my favorite color palettes and texture on clothing.

The Food Byte: Eat Artisanal Bakery, Dubai

Monday, September 25, 2017

I love the fact that quaint little cafes with visually appealing interiors and quality food are popping up all across Dubai. In a city inundated with shopping malls and restaurants, the cafes in question are unique in their own league. Gone are the days when a milkshake was just that- a milkshake. Now, you have crazy looking milkshakes topped with macarons and generous chunks of decadent double chocolate brownies (hello, cheat day). How about the unicorn ice-cream? Oh, and have you head about the Nutella coffee? Sounds divine, doesn't it?

You will never run out of places to eat; we are quite grateful and thankful for that. And when you discover a new eatery that checks off all the boxes, it's happiness galore! Located in the cosy Bay Square of Business Bay, is a new, tranquil cafe called Eat Artisanal Bakery.

Double Cleansing Method: I Tried It and Here's Why You Should Too

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I know it's a chore. After a long day at work (or a night of partying), you return home and don't have the patience to remove the gunk of makeup off your face. You reach out for a face wipe, use it and hit the sack. Next day you wake up, apply makeup and the vicious cycle continues.

I say vicious because those wet wipes don't quite take off makeup and sunscreen completely. Yes, they will wipe your face clean but it isn't completely clean. Face wipes can use irritation (since you are rubbing the skin and I've read that there are added preservatives in wipes to prolong the shelf life). Even though the companies manufacturing the wet wipes state you don't necessarily require a secondary cleanser, the fact is you do.

Throughout the day, our skin tends to be a target for pollutants and grime. You can't use wipes and claim your skin is clean. When you spot a zit or two or dull skin tone, it all goes back to how to maintain the health of your skin (that includes your diet, as well). I've learnt it the hard way. I used to reach out for a face wipe as well.

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